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Academic Snapshot

Accreditation & Oversight
IAU maintains a Counsel of Academic Advisors (CAA) comprised of international education professionals who oversee IAU’s curriculum. The CAA evaluate syllabi and ensure that IAU classes maintain the academic quality, contact hours, workload, and overall student experience consistent with institutions across the United States. IAU, formerly the Institute for American Universities, has provided undergraduate education abroad in this regard since 1957.

IAU's Academic calendar closely mirrors that of traditional fall and spring semesters at many U.S. institutions. Course structure, workload, and contact hours are designed for compatibility with American colleges and universities. IAU’s courses are rigorous and unique, engaging their setting with region-specific content and experiences, but students of American collegiate institutions will be quite familiar with the IAU’s course structure, testing, and grading.

Awarded an ‘Absolute’ charter by the Regents of the State University of New York, is recognized by the Rectorate of the Université d’Aix-Marseille. The college is also subject to a regular onsite program review as a foreign host of the College Consortium of International Studies - whose last visit yielded no suggested improvements.