U.S. Campus Visits

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Adelphi University: September 9th

Boston College: September 16th

California Lutheran University: September 14th

Carnegie Mellon University: September 24th

Chapman University: October 21st

Christopher Newport University: October 2nd

Colorado State University: September 11th

Denison University: October 21st

Fairfield University: September 22nd

Franklin & Marshall College: September 22nd

Kansas State: September 2nd

Muhlenberg College: September 10th

New Mexico State University: September 2nd

Pennsylvania State University: September 30th

Rice University: September 3rd

Rollins College: September 17th

Saint Mary’s College of California: September 23rd

San Diego State University: September 15th

Towson University: September 3rd

University of Arizona: September 23rd

University of California, Berkeley: September 25th

University of California, Davis: October 8th

University of California, Irvine: October 22nd

University of California, Merced: October 6th

University of California, Riverside: October 19th

University of California, San Diego: October 20th

University of California, Santa Cruz: October 7th

University of Colorado Boulder: September 3rd

University of Mary Washington: September 19th

University of New Mexico: September 3rd

University of San Francisco: September 15th

University of St. Thomas: September 15th

University of Texas at Austin: September 9th

Washington State University: September 2nd


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