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Passports and Visas

All U.S. semester and academic year students must meet the requirements that the French government has in place in order to study abroad with IAU. Please follow the instructions below carefully and promptly, and the process will be much easier. The information is provided in the order that each step should be completed.

For non-U.S. citizens or those who retain citizenshilp within a Schengen country (specific European countries), please see the section at the bottom of this page that discusses those steps and/or requirements.


All students studying in France need a passport that is valid for at least 90 days after their date of departure. Passports should be applied for five months in advance of departure date through a US Passport Agency (Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC); through a Postal Clerk designated by the Postmaster General; Clerk of any Federal Court; or Judge or Clerk of any Probate Court. It is absolutely necessary to  have a passport before applying for a visa.

Needed for a passport application:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of US citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, consular report or certification of birth, or previous passport)
  • completed application forms
  • photographs (two duplicate color passport-size)
  • fee

On receipt of the passport, check that all information is correct. If not, return it for correction to the office of application; under no circumstances should you correct it yourself. Keep a photocopy of the information on the first two pages of your passport; in case of loss, this information will be very helpful in getting a replacement.

For students studying abroad for a short term program, please note that your passport must be valid for at least 3 months beyond your period of intended stay.

Campus France Registration

Semester and academic year students must register with Campus France before obtaining their long-term student visa. Summer students with American passports are exempt from this requirement.

Start the registration process on the Campus France website here and click on “I am a study-abroad/exchange/dual-degree student” to access the user guide and create a My Etudes en France account! This will walk students through the creation of a Campus France Etudes en France application and completion of STEP 1. 

Once the online application is complete, follow the instructions in the Campus France guide, found here, under STEP 2. This will give you two options to pay the Campus France service fee, a regular service option with a three-week turnaround time or an expedited service option with a 3 business day turnaround for an increased fee. 

Next, send an email to Campus France at with the mandatory subject line: “REGULAR SERVICE + LAST NAME + USXX-XXXXX” and send them the following:

  • The regular service cover page
  •  A photocopy of their official acceptance letter
  • A copy of the online payment receipt

Complete Campus France STEPS 1-3 ASAP. 

After completing STEP 1-3 in the Campus France application, visit the France-Visa platform. This is how you will make an appointment at your assigned consulate (you can also find the France-Visa platform on your assigned consulate’s website). If you do not know where your assigned consulate is, please see the Consulate Finder.

**Please be sure that you make your visa appointment at your consulate for no more than 3 months before your start date but with enough time to receive your mailed passport back form the consulate before arriving in France (3-4 weeks before your arrival in France depending on your consulate).

Begin this process as soon as possible so you do not risk delaying the arrival of your visa. Campus France recommends starting the process at least two months before you need to leave for France.  Priority is given to students who start the process early.

Student Visas

Applying for Long-Stay Visa at the French Consulate

After registering with Campus France, students are required to apply for a long-stay student visa (90+ days). Individual French consulates operate autonomously with regard to visa applications and requirements may vary from consulate to consulate or change without notice. Therefore, students are advised to verify the number of accompanying documents currently required by the consulate in question at the time they request an application form, and to be sure to carefully complete the form with precise dates of arrival in and departure from France.

It will take approximately 2-5 weeks after the appointment at the consulate for American students to receive their visas. For international students, it could take up to three months so please read all of the information on the consulate website very carefully. **This means that students must schedule their consulate appointments for approximately 5 weeks (more than 5 weeks for international students) before their departure date. Otherwise, students risk not being able to leave on time for the program.

Schedule Online Appointment at the French Consulate

Even though students are not able to apply for their visa at the consulate until the Campus France application is complete, students need to schedule an appointment at the consulate ahead of time (but no more than three months prior to leaving the U.S.) because these appointments book weeks, sometimes months, in advance. This can be done by going to the appropriate French consulate website and making the appointment online. Students MUST visit the consulate they were assigned. The assigned consulate can be found on the first page of the Campus France online application. 

When making the appointment, please leave four weeks for Campus France to process your application. You do not need to wait for Campus France approval before scheduling the appointment. However, students cannot go to the consulate without their Campus France confirmation e-mail.

Completing the Visa Process Once in France

Once students have their visas and arrive in France, some will need to submit the appropriate documents to the OFII (Office français de l' Immigration et de l'Intégration/French Office of Immigration and Integration).  Students are responsible for completing the process once they arrive in France in order to abide by the French laws.  Students who do not complete this process risk being arrested and deported.  IAU helps students by scheduling the below medical visits as a group to facilitate transport.  Students who miss these scheduled dates are required to arrange their own transportation. 

According to the Chicago French Consulate website the OFII Form should be filled out by the following students:

  • all students who will be staying in France for more than six months (180 days). This applies to all IAU Academic Year students.
  • students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be allowed to work in France while studying.
  • students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be able to extend their visa once they are in France.
Please note that if you apply for a visa with the OFII Form, you must complete the registration process in France. It is better to apply for the OFII if you are considering extending your stay beyond one semester than to not apply for the OFII as you cannot apply for it one in France if you have not already been stamped in your US consulate. However, if you begin the process in the US, you are required to complete it in France.
Students will need to provide the OFII with:
  • the completed residence form they submitted for their visa application in the U.S.
  • a copy of the ID pages of their passport and of the immigration stamp received at the border
  • although this is not required, it may be a good idea to have a copy of their birth certificate
Then, they will need to appear for an interview with:
  • their passport
  • a proof of accommodation/residence in France
  • one ID picture (Students should have this taken in France.  The cost is approximately 5€)
  • means of payment for the processing fees of 60€

When the file is complete, a registration stamp will be added to their passport and it will allow them to stay and study for up to one full year.

Tips for Completing Your Visa Application:

     Download a translation of the long stay application 

     #4: Use European date format - DD/MM/YYYY

     #11: National Identity number - leave blank    

     #12: “Type of Travel Document”: This is requesting information about your US Passport.

     #13: Complete this section with your passport information

     #21: Current occupation is "Student"

     #22: Your "Employer" if your current college or university

     #23: The purpose of your visa is "Studies"

     #24: Use IAU's address:
          IAU College     
          8, rue de Littéra 

          BP 30970 13604 
          Aix-en-Provence CEDEX 1 
          Tel: +33 0/4 42 23 02 82 
          Fax: +33 0/4 42 21 11 38

     #25: “What will your address during your stay be?”: You can put IAU College's address or the address listed on   your Attestation if it is different from the one below.

      IAU College
      2 bis, rue du Bon Pasteur
      13625 Aix-en-Provence

Needed (typically - each consulate is different) for a visa application - requirements change often so please consult the consulate website:
  • US Passport (signed)
  • Campus France confirmation e-mail and proof of payment (sent to your Campus France inbox, not your personal email account)
  • two or more passport-size photographs
  • two or more visa application forms (Semester/Academic Year students need the long-stay form. Forms can be obtained from the Consulate website), completed and signed
  • proof of enrollment and housing from IAU (this is the Attestation, written in French)
  • proof of sufficient funds - please consult consulate website for details
  • a notarized Financial Guarantee form, completed and signed by parent or guardian if they are paying for expenses
  • OFII Residence Form (see if this applies to you(you will receive this form back from the consulate with your visa and you need to take it with you to France to complete the process for those completing the OFII form)
  • proof of your address (copy of driver's license or state id and utility bill - please see consulate website for details)
  • letter from your home college/university verifying your enrollment
  • acceptance letter from IAU
  • present visa application fee is roughly $130 (price fluctuates due to the value of the dollar)
  • proof of insurance

The figure of $820 per month suggested on the Financial Guarantee form does not necessarily mean that each student will be spending this amount or that it will actually cost that much to live in France. Rather, this figure approximates expenses such as lunches, travel, and theater, and is a guarantee to the French government that the student will not be stranded in France without funds.

In order to obtain a visa, apply to the French Consulate serving either the student's legal state of residence or the state in which the student's school resides. 

Consulate Contact Information

For a list of consulates, including their address, phone number, and the web address for student visa requirements and application information, go HERE. 

Passport and Visa Checklist for Semester Students  

  • Apply for passport
  • Register with Campus France and mail money order and copy of acceptance letter to Campus France (included in IAU College acceptance packet). Additional details are listed under #3 on the Step-by-Step Guide
  • Visit French consulate website and and make online appointment at the same time you commence your Campus France application.  Consulate appointments book weeks/months in advance so if you delay, you risk not receiving your visa on time. You do not need to wait for Campus France approval before scheduling your appointment. However, you need the Campus France e-mail before you can go to the consulate so schedule your appointment for at least three - four weeks after you have completed the Campus France application in its entirety.
  • Receive Campus France’s e-mail confirmation, print it out and write your Campus France ID number on it (beginning with "USXXXXXX").
  • Receive Campus France's Proof of Payment message, print it out.
  • Apply for student visa in person at the French consulate.  Make sure you have all of the required documents by reviewing the consulate website very carefully.
  • Receive your visa and your residency form (if applicable); you will need to keep this form and take it with you to France to complete the process
  • Complete your interview and medical exam once you arrive in France (if applicable)
Non-US Citizens

Students with passports to the following countries are not required to apply for a long-stay student visa:  Switzerland, Andorra, Vatican, San Marino, Monaco, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.  

For citizens of any other country, visit your country's French consulate website to determine the visa requirements. The visa process for non-US citizens may take much longer than that of US citizens so please begin the application process as soon as possible or you risk not receiving your visa on time. If you need a visa, please contact the U.S. Office immediately for assistance.

In addition, before arrival in France, non-US citizens must check visa requirements of countries to be visited, and obtain visas necessary for travel within Europe.