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Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain!

Students deepen their understanding of Spanish language and culture through IAU’s semester and summer programs in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain.

IAU offers both semester and summer study abroad programs in the lively and beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain. IAU’s campus in Barcelona is centrally located in the downtown Plaça de Catalunya area, just steps from the nearest metro stops, Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, and many more of Barcelona's famed attractions. The facilities have been completely renovated with modern amenities to suit the needs of the 21st century college student. IAU Barcelona employs a full-time student affairs and academic affairs staff to advise, place, house, and otherwise support incoming students for full semester, year-long, and summer programs. 

Students visit Parc GuellFall 2013 Student Visits Parc Guell

In addition to the large number of courses being offered at the IAU Barcelona campus, students can participate in the direct-enroll program with Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, and Universitat Pompeu Fabre. Students may also elect to do a hybrid program where they take courses with IAU and one of the partner schools in Barcelona. IAU Barcelona also benefits from a very close relationship with the Seminari where students would have access to classrooms, two libraries - with thousands of volumes in Spanish, Catalan, and English - and a language partner program. Academic programs include Spanish language immersion, Spanish honors, humanities and social sciences, business, and internship offerings.

Located along the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona allows students to experience the culture of Catalunya. The mild climate, famed cuisine, and breathtaking arts give the Mediterranean region a distinct feel, unique from anywhere else in the world.

There’s no better way to improve one’s knowledge of Spanish language and customs than by interacting with the local community. Students in Barcelona will have the opportunity to practice their language skills in the classroom and with native Spanish speakers through language exchange programs and cultural events. Over the course of their time abroad, students can expect to participate in field study trips associated with specific classes, study tours, and day trips, as well as cultural activities like Catalan cooking courses, Flamenco classes, and cava tastings. A city tour of Barcelona and  its architecture as well as visits to local markets and enterprises round out the experience.

Students who participate in the Barcelona Program can choose from a variety of Spanish language and culture courses that range from introductory level Spanish to upper division Spanish literature and cinema courses.

To complete the course curriculum, IAU hosts a plethora of guest speakers and lecturers from a wide breadth of disciplines including journalists, musicians, and political activists. Panels and conferences that are hosted throughout the semester allow students to hear a full spectrum of opinions about both Spanish and Catalan politics and lifestyles.

Summer Program

During the summer in Barcelona, students will earn up to nine academic credits and can choose from a variety of course offerings. Courses are offered in Spanish language, culture, film and literature. IAU also offers courses instructed in English in political science, history, art history, international relations, film, psychology, and more. Students will investigate the most significant neighborhoods, plazas, architectural achievements and public art. Lectures and activities will also help students to demystify the city's multi-ethnic population as the result of numerous occupations, expulsions and migrations. Students may choose to live in homestays, which encourages immersion into the Spanish language and culture, or they can opt to reside in apartments.

Semester Program

IAU offers a semester-long study abroad program in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, during which students have the opportunity to take classes, participate in internships and service-learning programs, and immerse themselves in this lively cultural capital. Building on IAU's history as a study abroad school in the Mediterranean Basin, IAU's Barcelona semester program uses its site-specificity and influences of the Spanish and Catalan to aid students in delving deeper into Mediterranean and European cultures. Over the years, IAU has modified and enhanced its study abroad programs and curriculum in order to meet the needs of the students it serves. IAU's courses are rigorous and unique, especially because they are able to incorporate region-specific content and experiences. 

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