Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BAIR)

The IAU Bachelor of Arts in International Relations (BAIR) leverages the Institute’s international identity and strategic location to provide students with an opportunity to analyze the diverse economies of European and Mediterranean countries. Combining its site specificity with a strong liberal arts curriculum ensures that students in IAU’s BAIR degree program will have their assumptions challenged and will think creatively while understanding the broader context of business and its ethical implications on the global community.

Program Overview

IAU is uniquely positioned to offer a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. The program will be the traditional 124 units of academic study over eight, fifteen-week traditional semesters or the equivalent. As part of the curriculum, students can expect some unique learning opportunities including:

Field Study Trips: An integral part of the BAIR curriculum, the field study trips will enable students to meet with EU officials in Brussels as well as UN Agency representatives in Geneva. They will visit International Organizations in France and other European countries. The BAIR International dimension is further enhanced by a trips to Northern African countries. This visit to a developing country – combined with visits to developed countries in Europe - enhances the experience and underscores the broad spectrum of political systems in a relatively small area.

J-Term/Intersession: BAIR students will take advantage of IAU’s plethora of January term/Intersession programs which are multi-country traveling seminars, many of which explore the politics, economies, histories, and cultures of the countries visited.

Internships: A key component of the BAIR degree program is the student internships, an opportunity for IAU to connect the students with their vast network of internship affiliates, including Governmental and Non-Governmental International organizations, large companies in industries such as banking, manufacturing, tourism, retail, and ecommerce.

The following is a sampling of companies used by BAIR students for internships:

  • European Union Institutions
  • United Nations Organizations
  • World Trade Organization
  • CMA CGM Group: A leading worldwide industrial shipping group. 
  • Darwin: A digital communication agency. 
  • Ecogeosafe: A research laboratory working towards solutions for natural and industrial risks presented by the aging of materials and environmental engineering. 
  • Genesis: Experts in sound quality offering solutions to analyze the perception of sound and produce audio simulators and 3D sound playback systems.    
  • Nhéolis: A renewable energy production company based around the potential technical side of wind power. 
  • Safe Technologie: A technology company working to use their expertise in order to help to ensure nuclear safety for the environment and health industries.

Financial Assistance: IAU offers many scholarship and work-study opportunities to help defray the cost of the program. Please visit the Scholarship and Financial Aid page for additional information.

Faculty: IAU faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and are experts in their field. IAU has carefully selected them in order to ensure that the BAIR program proves rigorous yet invigorating and helps prepare the students for a smooth transition into their desired field upon graduation.

Sample Curriculum

Year 1

Fall Semester
January Term

Semester 2 Summer Program
  • Language Course (French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian)
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Survey of Art History
  • Literature: Great Cities Traveling Seminar
  • Language Course (French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian)
  • English Composition
  • History of the Mediterranean
  • Introduction to Economics
  • The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  • Option to take courses in the summer

Year 2

Fall Semester
January Term

Semester 2 Summer Program
  • Language Course (French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian)
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Philosophy/Ethics
  • History of International Relations I
  • International Relations Traveling Seminar: France, Morocco, Spain, Turkey
  • Language Course (French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian)
  • World Economic History
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • International Business
  • History of International Relations II
  • Comparative Politics
  • Internship
  • Option to take courses in the summer

Year 3

Fall Semester

January Term Semester 2 Summer Program
  • Francophone Literature
  • Introduction to International Economics
  • International Law
  • The European Union: Integration, Enlargement, Unity
  • Geopolitics in the Mediterranean Basin
  • London: Shakespeare
  • Study Abroad:
    • United States
    • Tunis/Rabat
    • Barcelona/Madrid
    • Eastern Europe
  • Internship
  • Option to take courses in the summer

Year 4

Fall Semester
January Term

Semester 2 Summer Program
  • Mediterranean Studies
  • European Studies
  • Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Diplomacy
  • International Business
  • Language
  • European Business Tour: France, Belgium, Germany
  • Internship
  • Capstone Thesis in Student's Chosen Track of Study
  • Internship

For questions regarding the program or admissions, please contact IAU's U.S. Office of Admissions at or call 1-800-221-2051.