Undergraduate Majors & Minors

The majors and minors at IAU College reflect the site-specificity of our campus in Southern France and the Mediterranean, and build upon IAU College's academic tradition as a leader in international education for American and International students. IAU College offers 12 different bachelor's degrees, as well as the option to self-design a field of study from IAU's wide range of course offerings. IAU's flexible curriculum allows students to design their own major, in conversation with their academic advisor, to fit individual academic interests.


BA in Art History
BBA in Business Administration
BA in Communication Studies
BA in French
BA in History
BA in Hospitality Management
BA in International Relations
BA in Liberal Studies
BA in Mediterranean Studies
BA in Painting
BA in Political Science
BA in Visual Arts
Self-Designed Field of Study


Art History
Business Administration
Communication Studies
Environmental Science
Hospitality Management
International Relations
Liberal Studies
Mediterranean Studies
Peace & Conflict Studies
Political Science
Religious Studies
Wine Studies
Visual Arts