Marchutz Core Art Program

The Marchutz Core Art Program takes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to art education. This unique program unifies:

  • Spontaneous perceptual painting and drawing
  • Intensive critical dialogue
  • A community of students and artists at all levels
  • Extensive museum visits

The mission of the Core Art Program is to help students, who wish to study art in France, sharpen their visual perceptions of the world around them, decipher their emotional responses to these perceptions, and through an holistic (studio, historical, and critical) discipline, relate their discoveries to an intensive investigation of the nature and aim of art.

The goals of the program are to provide opportunities for the student to:

  • Develop her/his capacity to see
  • Combine studio art production with liberal arts disciplines
  • Enhance awareness of the relationship between perception and imagination
  • Develop a historical and critical sense so that self-expression is linked to a larger tradition
  • Formulate an integrative relationship between knowledge and intution, perception and concept, self-expression and global awareness
  • Develop a holistic approach to the study of art and art making

Situated on the renowned 'Route de Cézanne', the school's location in Aix-en-Provence has many advantages, among them its light-filled space, the studio's proximity to the famed Chateaunoir and Sainte Victoire and most importantly its calm and contemplative atmosphere conducive to sustained, artistic concentration.

Student Insight: Reflections of a semester at the Marchutz School of Fine Arts

Students Painting in the French Countryside