Study Abroad - Aix Semester Courses

Spring 2017 Course Schedule

Fall 2017 Course Schedule

Course schedules are updated regularly.
Please click the above links for the most up-to-date course listings.

Step-by-Step Course Guide

1. Select you program

School of Humanities & Social Science
Marchutz School of Fine Arts
French Honors Program
School of Business & International Relations

Students also have the opportunity to enroll in the Early Start Program as well as one of IAU Certificate Program.

2. Review the course schedule
Use the fall and spring schedules linked above to choose your courses. These documents are regularly updated with any changes to course offerings or schedules.

Click here to access the available semester syllabi. It is important to consult with your study abroad advisor to confirm course approvals at your home institution.

All semester courses taught in Aix and are 3 units each (45 contact hours) unless otherwise specified. If a course is needed for major, minor, or core credit, students are encouraged to contact Courses may also be offered as seminars for students to fulfill specific requirements. 

Courses with an FRE discipline are conducted in French, some of which are cross-listed with non-French disciplines.  300 level French courses or higher require that students have completed FRE 202 or the equivalent prior to enrollment.

3. Select your courses in the online application

Log into your student portal and select your preferred schedule from the drop-down lists in section 4 of the online application. Email with any questions or if you are unable to add your courses through the portal.