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Semester Courses in Barcelona

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IAU College’s semester in Barcelona program centers on Spanish Language and Culture. Students are required to enroll in at least one Spanish course during their semester to help assist in adapting to the local culture. Some of the content courses offered in Barcelona may be taught in Spanish, as well. The following list is an example of courses and disciplines that may be available to students during the semester program in Barcelona.

An updated and complete list for Spring 2017 will be posted soon.

Architecture 320 - Architectural History of Barcelona 

Art History
Art History 231 - Survey History of Western Art: Prehistory to the Middle Ages
Art History 232 - Survey of History of Western Art: Renaissance to Present 
Art History 320 - Picasso, Matisse, and the Mediterranean

Business 301 - International Business Today and Tomorrow
Business 302 - Global Brand Management
Business 303 - Intercultural Management
Business 304 - Business Ethics in the Global Market
Business 305 - Global Marketing
Business 308 - Digital Marketing
Business 309 - International Entrepreneurship

Education 397C - Education in a Global Society

Fine Arts

ART 105/106 - Painting & Drawing
ART 151 - Contemporary Studio Inquiry and Practice: Beginners
ART 305/306 - Intermediate/Advanced Painting & Drawing
ART 341 - Islamic Art of Europe
ART 351 - Contemporary Studio Inquiry and Practice: Intermediate and Advanced

History 301 - European History: 1870 - 1918
History/Sociology 304 - Muslim Presence in Europe


Philosophy 312 - Political Ethics

Political Science & International Relations
Spanish/Political Science 357B - Nationalism in Comparative Perspective
Political Science/International Relations 303 - International Relations
Political Science 305 - Comparative Politics
Political Science 307 - The European Union: Integration, Enlargement, Unity
Political Science/Environmental Science 308 - Geopolitics in the Mediterranean Basin

Psychology 333C - Abnormal Psychology

Religious Studies
Religious Studies 311 - Early Christianity in Europe

Spanish Language & Culture
Spanish 101B - First Semester Spanish
Spanish 102A - Second Semester Spanish
Spanish 201A - Third Semester Spanish
Spanish 202C - Fourth Semester Spanish
Spanish 301A - Advanced Grammar and Composition
Spanish 305C/Spanish 415C - Globalization in Spanish Cinema
Spanish/Political Science 357B - Nationalism in Comparative Perspective