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Study Abroad - January Term Traveling Seminars

Can't choose just one country? IAU offers January Term Traveling Seminars, each that visits multiple locations.

January Term Traveling Seminar Countries Visited
  American Diplomacy
  France, Morocco, Belgium
  Environmental Security & Sustainability
  Spain, Italy, France
  Europe and the Islamic World
  France, Spain, Morocco 
  Great Cities
  Italy, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic 
  International Business
  France, Morocco, Belgium, Germany 
  Mediterranean Basin
  France, Greece, Italy 
  Mediterranean Ecology   Spain, Italy, France
  Moroccan Studies   Morocco
  Religion, Art & Architecture 
not offered in 2018)
  Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Israel
  Shakespeare and the Theatre
  Wine, Gastronomy and Tourism
  France, Spain

Please note, IAU reserves the right to cancel programs due to low enrollment.
Students should consult with an IAU advisor prior to purchasing their flights.

J-Term students exploring the European landscape

IAU's January Term Traveling Seminar