Study Abroad - January Term Traveling Seminars

Can't choose just one country? IAU College offers January Term Traveling Seminars, each that visits multiple locations.

Aix-en-Provence - France
American Diplomacy - France, Morocco, Belgium
Environmental Security & Sustainability - Spain, Italy, France
Europe and the Islamic World
 - France, Spain, Morocco
Wine, Gastronomy and Tourism - France and Spain
Great Cities - Italy, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic 
International Business - France, Morocco, Belgium, Germany 
The Mediterranean Basin - France, Greece, Italy 
Religion, Art & Architecture - Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Israel (not offered in 2018)
Shakespeare and the Theatre - England 


J-Term students exploring the European landscapeCelebrating the J-Term Experience

*IAU College reserves the right to cancel programs due to low enrollment. Students should consult with an IAU advisor prior to purchasing their flights.